Hello, my name is Ilian Stefanov. I am a Washington, D.C. massage therapist. My goal is to provide high-quality mobile massage therapy in the comfort of your home . I offer deep tissue, Swedish, and sports massage. I like to combine them, and the combination is fantastic; it releases tension, improves circulation, relieves stress, promotes relaxation, and aids in the general wellness of your body. Quiet musicaromatherapy, and massage will leave you feeling wonderful! Please feel free to contact me and let me know more about you and the care you need. Thank you for visiting my page!

You can find me on social media as well.

About Me

My Rates

90 Min - $150
2 Hour - $200

If you have consistent, repetitive tension in your shoulders, now is the time to book an appointment. I believe getting rid of the pain and tension can set the beginning of good posture maintenance. My goal is not only to help you with the tension but to set the beginning of taking care of yourself.

Fix uneven shoulders and relieve neck and shoulder tension!​

Client before after example 2
Client before after example 1

Shoulder tension is one of the most common issues I see.

What causes it?

* Always using one hand or side of your body⁣

* Carrying a heavy bag⁣ * Repetitive motion⁣

* Poor posture⁣ * Sedentary lifestyle⁣

* Uneven hips⁣ * Overuse or misuse of the shoulders⁣

* Pain⁣ * Flat feet⁣* Shoulder injuries⁣ * Weak or tight muscles⁣

How to prevent it?

* Neck and Shoulder Stretch⁣

* Chest and Shoulder Stretch⁣

* Massage⁣

* Combination of all 

Posture Deformation!

Client before after example 3

You may think you don’t have that one, but I want you to go and look yourself in the mirror or ask someone to see your back and tell you if you seem a little bit crooked. A well-trained therapist can see the difference instantly. This is easily fixable when you are aware of it and take care of it trough stretching or massage. I have to admit, after a whole week of working out, work, computer, and cellphone use, I know my posture some days look like the picture above. The key here is what you do to fix that. The most common thing people do is they neglect it until the pain disappears, and they assume everything is okay and back to normal, no pain, no issue. Actually, what happens is your muscles transform, and your body gets used to a new deformed posture. “But why I don’t feel the pain anymore?”. Our brain is so advanced, so when there is a new posture introduced, the brain tries to reduce the pain even though absolutely wrong. That`s its job, but that doesn`t mean you got rid of the tension. It`s the opposite; The tension is there you just don`t feel the pain anymore. The muscles are shortened, which changes your posture and, in the long term, that can cause more issues

Serving Washington, D.C. and the DMV AREA

Do you experience constant stiffness and tightness in your shoulders, hips, and legs?

Every day we put our bodyes trough stress, and at the end of the day, instead of taking care of what we have accumulated as a stress load, we go to bed and think that’s going to get rid of the stiffness and discomfort. I know because I used to do that. After a long day, the easiest thing for me was to go to bed, thinking my tension will disappear on its own. True, the tension disappears but not for long, and it always comes back, or it deforms your body, and it makes it worse. For the past few years, I’ve experimented with varieties of stretches that are safe and effective. I want to share them with you so you can feel your best, weeks after your session with me. When you book a massage with me at the end of our session, I will give you a few quick yet highly effective stretch recommendations for hip and shoulders mobility. Let me help you feel great every single day with carefully selected stretches.


After you saw and read all the above, you may still belive you have the perfect posture, and your body doesn’t need any adjustments. That’s is perfectly fine and what I can offer you is just a relaxing massage, which I believe we all need from time to time. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. It doesn’t matter what the session purpose will be; I’m here to take care of it.
Hope to see you soon.

Keep your body and mind in perfect condition with best massage dc.

Over the years, more and more people believe the benefit of massage is greater than any medication and substance out there. As a massage therapist and a marketing research enthusiast, I see a spike in people searching for and receiving massage therapy, literary %100 over the normal search online since 2017. It’s probably not something that your doctor will tell you when you have a serious imbalance in your body (hormonal or physical), and they are trying to prescribe the quick fix. But I want to share what I see when I go for an in-home massage. I visit a client, and I instantly can tell how stressed they are. Usually, after a massage session, I go to wash off the lotion from my hands, and when I get back in the room, I see a different personality. The social anxiety of inviting a stranger in their home is gone; the feedback is encouraging the person feels lighter. We actually have a conversation like normal human beings, and I leave the clients home satisfied knowing they received the best of what I have to offer. I helped a human being get rid of the tension and stress, forget about the routines, and, last but not least, see life a little bit better. When someone asks me, is Best Massage DC really the best massage therapy. I want to say, I hope it is, but I also know there are so many talented massage therapists out there. I don’t follow them; I don’t compete with them, and I want them to be as good as they are if not even better because helping others is not a personal achievement, it is a collective duty we all have. All I want is to provide the best massage I can. I give a hundred percent of me, and I hope every person I meet to benefit from it.

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  1. Good one here and surely a good platform you have set up to reach out more to us all. Unfortunately I am notin the DC but my uncle stays there and he suffers from arthritis, I feel he might be in need of a good massage from time to time. I will share this post with him and urge him to give a trial. Thank you

    1. Thank you, Darmi Maddie, for your comment! Arthritis can be very sensitive to touch but there are a few gentle techniques that can help your uncle to alleviate the pain and discomfort. 

  2. It’s really cool to read through This article, massage is one of the services people likes and it is very popular now, but it is always hard to get a very competent masseuse, reading your home content now, it shows you’re good, giving your service a shot is not a bad idea. 

  3. Hello there! Thanks for dropping this article. You must be someone that loves to relieve people of stress because the calm nature of your website alone proves that. I have uneven shoulders and I’d really love to fix them, you’ve done well by dropping the numbers to call. I’d try if I can win a free massage, if I can’t I’ll definitely book one. Thank you very much. 

    1. Thank you very much, Sophie! I appreciate your warm comment. Best of luck, and I hope to see you for an appointment in the nearest future. 

  4. This is really good and also really worth the try too. I will definitely be looking to try to contact you for a good massage for myself. I didn’t really know that there is so much to the body like having a deformed posture. I also noticed that sometimes my shoulder area affects me a lot. I would most definitely be looking to try you out for thirty minutes first.

    1. Thank You, Jackie! Yes, there is a lot to the human body. Even with my good self-care routine, I notice from time to time my posture gets crooked. Differently not something to panic about but I`m a firm believer if you spent 10 minutes a day stretching the right muscles and get a massage when needed we can all be healthier than ever. 

  5. Hello there , I’m really glad i came across this amazing article, I would say it’s just what i have been searching for because most of the times , I do experience constant stiffness and tightness in my legs and sometimes my shoulder, due to stress and all , I do find this article quite interesting and very helpful, I’ll definitely book an appointment for a massage , it was really thoughtful of you to share this amazing article, I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

    1. Thank you, Jack! I appreciate your words and I would be happy to help. Meanwhile, you can also follow me on Instagram or youtube where I post some key stretches and exercises to help battle the muscle tension. 

  6. I have been experiencing a lot of shoulder tension these days. I first attributed it to stress. But it has reached to the point where I have to do something about it. And I thought in a massage.

    I would like to win this free massage you’re promoting. I’ll register to “earn it”. Thank you!

  7. These days people overlook massage. They believe a massage should  be done only when there’s a body pain. Massage therapists are kind of scarece and it’s a good thing to find one. I think it’s a nice idea for you to have shared this review with us. I believe it’s very helpful for this living in Washington DC

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