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Deep Tissue Massage - Washington, D.C. and DMV area

This method is beneficial for a wide range of goals. Deep tissue is similar to Swedish massage, but it is done with more pressure on the body. Experts recommend it for many different purposes. Soreness, injury, muscle imbalance, and more. Also, it helps the body cope with chronic muscle pain by gradually eradicating it. As a result of the massage, your blood circulates faster, and inflammation will be reduced.

You might wonder why this massage is called deep tissue? This modality deploys pressure in the deepest layers of muscles and connective tissues and can heal your muscle tension and pain. For this type of massage, you can be naked under the massage sheet or even clothed. 

What is the recommended length for a nice deep tissue massage service? It usually takes 60-90 minutes for not so tense musculature. But if you experience heavy tension, I recommend at least 90 minutes or even 2-hour massage.


What are the health benefits of deep tissue massage?

In this services section, we briefly mention some of the most important benefits of deep tissue massage. First, it not only takes care of the patient physical health but also has a role in managing the stress. Secondly, some researchers have shown nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can be replaced by massage. People suffering from sports injuries, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, and tennis elbow can benefit from it as well.

Deep tissue massage is generally safe. However, some conditions need to be carefully reviewed for any contraindications. You may also feel soreness following the therapy session. If you have background conditions such as bleeding disorder, clotting disorder, or cancer, you should mention it before starting the therapy session. In general, you are safe, but always tell your therapist about any conditions or medications you are on.

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My Rates

1 Hour - $100
90 Min - $150
2 Hour - $200

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