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Sports Massage - Washington, D.C. and DMV area

Sports massage service is not as relaxing as you might think. As it is clear from its name, this massage service usually deals with different sports and sporting injuries or preventing such. Sports massage service stretches tight muscles and enhances inactive muscles and soft tissue. As a result of sports massage service, stress, and tension build up during working out is reduced. The service is likely to stop the chance of injury and decrease recovery time after an injury. Also, body endurance and performance will be improved.
In general, sports massage service has four different techniques. These techniques have been borrowed from physiotherapy and osteopathy. They include soft tissue release, neuromuscular technique, positional release, and fascial release.

What are the health benefits of sports massage?

Sports massage services help you exercise more productively. It does this by avoiding a condition known as delayed onset muscle soreness. Also, it impacts your heart rate and blood pressure, which are very critical when it comes to sports that require long exercising. Lymph flow and circulation will be increased too. More importantly, many ever-present injuries such as shin splint and tennis elbow are treated with sports massage service.

I’m going to leave you with three key principles of sports massage service you should consider.

Timing, techniques, and intent are these three principles. First, some injuries and conditions must receive massage sport service pre-event and some post-event. Second, techniques have to be chosen according to your needs. For instance, some musculature may benefit from vibration and shaking, but others need direct pressure, range of motion, and stretching. But the most common session is going to include all of the above. Finally, why you want to have a sports massage service. Do you want it as a warm-up? To increase blood circulation, mobilization, and flexibility? Or just a general body maintenance. These three principles will help you get the best out of your service.

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