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Over the years as a massage therapist, I focused on providing the best massage therapy session, and I have received feedback from clients that made me realize I have a talent for massage. My goal has always been the client and to provide the best massage possible. When I graduated from a massage school, they told us you should not give your 100% because you may burn out. This is true, but I found a way to give my 100 % with each massage. In the past, I tried doing more than three messages a day, and in the end, it doesn’t matter how much you want to give if there is nothing left. You indeed burn out. I’ve been there; I’ve experienced what a burnout from work feels like. If you do five massages a day, the chances that all of them are great, reduce after the third one, so I promised myself I will not take more than two, three clients a day, but I will focus on providing quality than quantity. This has served me exceptionally well because I can do massages, work out, read, travel, work on my other passion (trading), spend time with the people I love, and yet be fresh for every massage appointment or simply said I do what I love. I know I’m not the ultimate massage therapist for every need and client, but the experience taught me that the massage client I see wants two things: to release their tension and help them relax. If I have to explain how I believe people talk to me subconsciously is “make me feel good and get rid of my stiffness, oh, and I want to sleep well.” I listen and implement then the benefits come. I stretch you. I give you recommendations for self-care. I try to brainstorm with you why you have those pains and aches even more than you want, and the feedback is greatly outstanding. Every day, I receive text messages with people’s feedback, like: “I had the best night sleep in years.” “you are a miracle worker” I’m not sure what you did, but my body feels aligned, even better than my chiropractor.” To summarize this, I have to say. I truly care about you and the time you give me. I will always strive to provide the best massage you’ve had, and I will be there to listen to what your needs are. I hope to see you soon.


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