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Over the years, more and more people believe the benefit of massage is greater than any medication and substance out there. As a massage therapist and a marketing research enthusiast, I see a spike in people searching for and receiving massage therapy (literary %100 over the normal search online since 2017). It’s probably not something that your doctor will tell you when you have a serious imbalance in your body, hormonal or physical, and they are trying to prescribe the quick fix. But I want to share what I see when I go for an in-home massage. I visit a client, and I instantly can tell how stressed they are. Usually, after a massage session, I go to wash off the lotion from my hands, and when I get back in the room, I see a different personality. The social anxiety of inviting a stranger in their home is gone; the feedback is encouraging the person feels lighter. We actually have a conversation like normal human beings, and I leave the clients home satisfied; I made a change. I helped a human being get rid of the tension and stress, forget about the routines, and, last but not least, see life a little better. When someone asks me, is Best Massage DC really the best Massage therapy. I want to say, I hope it is, but I also know there are so many talented massage therapists out there. I don’t follow them; I don’t compete with them, and I want them to be as good as they are if not even better because helping others is not a personal achievement, it is a collective duty we all have. All I want is to provide the best massage I can. I give a hundred percent of me, and I hope I do make a change in people’s life.

Best Massage DC

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